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Seattle Shores Celebrates 68th Birthday


The Chorus joyously came together (we have all been vaccinated) and celebrated our 68th year in song.  It was a thrill to see everyone in person not just a face on Zoom.


 We also Celebrated Marge's 50th Anniversary

Marge Ingram

Sweet Adelines - 50 year member


How does a small hometown girl from Michigan become a vital member of a Sweet Adeline Chorus in Shoreline, WA?

Marge was born and raised in a small town on the shores of Lake Orion, Michigan.  She graduated from high school there and went on to Michigan State College and majored in Medical Technology.  She and a few friends after                                    graduation decided to take a trip to see                                friends in Everett, WA.  She and her friends                                    fell in love with the Everett area and decided                                to stay.  One of her friends and roommate                                  tried to encourage her to try out for various                          musical groups as she did, but Marge was a                                  little shy and insecure.  She did join a dance                                  class with her friend and then after seeing a                          production of the Everett Chorus (a Sweet                                      Adelines Chorus) she decided to join them.                              She started singing with the Everett Chorus                                 in 1971 and it later became the Pacific Sound Chorus.  She was a member of this chorus for 18 years. This chorus folded due to the decline in membership. She joined the Seattle Shores chorus (which was started in 1953) in 1989 and has been a major addition as the leader of the baritones and a member of the music committee representing the baritones.

Marge was a member of a quartet in Everett, the Evergreen Affair, and then a member of the Seattle Reign with the Seattle Shores.  She continues to sing with confidence and a strong baritone voice.  She has lost friends and made new ones, but the choruses and quartets have grounded her in love and friendship.

Her favorite memory was when the Seattle Shores won the Region competition and went to the National Convention in Miami. The chorus at that time (1990) had around 70 members.  Over the years the chorus has changed directors, members, and numbers, but it has always been a place for lasting friendships and the love of music.

What keeps Marge singing?  She says it is because it keeps you young and alert and she has deep friendships and, of course, she loves singing.



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